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About us

Mediway was set up at the begining of 2009. We provide our services in the field medical products of human use and give support to our clients in particular distribution and how to establish the best commercial practise.

Mediway has been acquired considerable and significant experience on introducing new generic medical products into the Hungarian market over the years.

We provide classical medical sales representation service in nine different therapeutic areas in accordance with the the Act XCVIII of 2006 on safe and economical distribution of medical products, appliances and equipments, and general rules on sales of medical products. Development of our business division is well-characterised by the fact that more than forty different pharmaceutical forms have already been supported by our company. Our service is provided by a professional team with good communicational skills in foreign languages, and we are assisted by strong researcher’s background.

Our pharmacy sales service relies on two factors. In Key Account Management we maintain regular contact with a number of minor and major distributors and in this way we provide assistance in wholesale registration, monitoring and arrangement of sales promotions.

Providing call center service we promote the efficient and focused sales in the posession of the latest sales numbers as our professional team maintains regular contact with two thousands of pharmacies.

Moreover, we distribute anti-snoring medical items, and other products, which can stop nosebleeds, or prevent mucuous membranes in the nose to dry out.

Since setting up our company we have developed strategic partnership with significant number of business entities. In 2012 our services were assisted by more than three hundred business partners providing professional information and advice.

Over the years several pharmaceutical entities operating internationally chose us and became our satisfied clients, such as:

 AD Pharma
 1A Pharma