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Medical Representation

Mediway provides classical medical sales representation service according to the Act XCVIII of 2006 on safe and economical distribution of medical products, appliances and equipments, and general rules on sales of medical products.

Mediway has been acquired considerable and significant experience on introducing new generic medical products into the Hungarian market over the years in following therapeutic areas:

 CNS        Cardiology        Oncology        Dermatology        Urology        Gastroenterology
 Otolaryngology        Rheumatology        Pumonology

Our medical sales representation service is developing rapidly, as a result, covering more than forty different pharmaceutical forms.

We pay particular attention to the relevant legislation and ethical rules, and our activity is fully compatible with the regulation No 3/2009 (EüM) and the standards specified in our Code of Conduct.

Our high level of professional competence and background are assisted by the following factors:

 dynamic development in our human resources;
 personel with relevant experience in the medical field, with professional commmunicationskills both in Hungarian and other foreign languages and high level business-orientated attitude;
 regular participation in professional courses, trainings and conferences;
 scientific cooperation with highly qualified university teachers, researchers and experts.